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For many reasons, we prefer to host all web pages at EngineHosting. We have tried suffering through discount domain and hosting companies. The dollars saved are not worth the time it takes to straighten out a problem if something goes awry. There are a lot of unpredictable things in web-hosting... spammers, hackers, sudden popularity... You need experienced people to quickly adapt to these situations. We also register our domains through EngineHosting for the same reasons. Because of past experiences with bargain domain/hosting companies, we add a large premium to any project that requires using another hosting company.

Why? Performance

The people at EngineHosting are experts at high-performance web hosting using a distributed method to keep servers at optimal performance. Rather than make one server send and receive emails, handle database functions, AND serve webpages. EngineHosting splits up these services among servers tuned for each process. This lets each server do its specialized function instead of one server churning about trying to do all these functions for several clients. There is more information on how this works on the pMachine Hosting webpage.

Why? Service

The people at EngineHosting are real live people with the experience to customize your hosting experience to fit your needs. They go the extra mile to make sure your business needs are met. The testimonials on their web page will tell you what their customers think of them.

Why? Nice People

The staff at EngineHosting are real people based out of Minneapolis, MN.